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Time to be fit: Nike+ Training Club


Since I have gained some flab on my tummy I was looking for some exercises to do at home, beyond yoga, and I found this amazing girl: Sjana Elise (go and give a look), she does a lot of workout and yoga and she is super motivating. In her blog she was explaing how helpful is the app Nike+ Training Club, so I decided to download it ( It's free, isn't that beautiful?).

The app has a cool design and it is really easy to use. Once you have done the registration you choose a program: Slimming, Toning or Strengthening, a level: Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced and then you pick one of the training, you download it and then you can start.

I chose the slimming one in a beginner level and I am happy to say that:
the exercise was a bit intense, because I did not do any long activity for a while, but also super rewarding!
Don't worry if, at the end, your muscles will shake(also mine were) because this means that you are doing well and you have to keep doing exercise. Training is really important for our wellness, so we shouldn't give in.  Remember: the efforts will be requited!

I'm really excited to see some results at the end of this 4-week-program and I challenge all of you to give this app a try!

Have a nice day!

Fall Essential

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Cold weather is arrived and I get caught unprepared.
I am craving for some warm sweater and the aw '14/'15 trends suggest me to pick a turtle-neck sweater. Honestly high-neck gives me a sense of suffocation and I am allergic to wool (it itches) so I am gonna go for a cotton or a mohair sweater with a wide high-neck. Now I just need to find it (any suggestion is welcome).
Then I met these beautiful boots online and I am looking for a cheaper version. I find them a perfect choice when I want to stay comfy and leave my chelsea low-heels boots at home.
If you don't live under a rock, you will probably have seen or heard about Daniel Wellington's watches: they are really simple and classy so I can say that they have an eternal look (Oh the straps are interchangeable so you can always match your outfit or your mood).
A new bag is always welcome and I need a big one to carry all my book to school but none seem to be huge enough for this task, any idea?
So next month I will be wandering for shops and online in order to find my fall must-have but:

What are your essential during fall time?

Have a nice day!

October Favourites: Makeup


Foundation: L'Oreal "Nude Magique- Eau de Tinte"
If you are looking for a natural, silk-touch coverage this is perfect for you. And, if you have an oily/shiny skin in the T-zone like me, this will prevent your face from shining for a bit.

Concealer: Be Yu "Hydro Miracle"
The perfect fellow who will help you to cover all your imperfections, whether pimples or not dark circles.

Mascara: L' Oreal "Volume Million de Cils- Noir Excess"
Natural look, you can easily make your lashes thicker and a bit longer.

Eyebrow Kit: Barry M. "Brow Kit: Shape and Define"
This is literally the best product I ever tried for my eyebrows. You can make them how you want, natural or drawn. The mini tweezers and the double ended applicator make this product perfect for travel, you just have to throw the kit in your bag.

Have a nice day!