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DIY Decorative Jar


They are really easy to do and, as you can see, they are really really rad!
All you need:
- 3 empty jars
- a piece of cloth big enough to cover 2 jar (I used a sleeve of an old lace shirt)
- a nice twine
- 2 orange slices (cutted and dehydrated previously)
- 2 pieces of cinnamon
- some coffee powder
- some corn "flour" (or, if you don't have it, you can use lentils, beans, etc.)
- some sugar

The procedure is really simple so you just need to see the pictures:

The results, yay!!!

Hope you like this diy and, if you did something cool for christmas and you posted it on your blog, tell me in the comment down below and I'll check it!

Have a nice day!

Christmas Gift: THE BFF

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FOR 5€:
Funny Christmas Card: The famous website Asos sells a lot of cards, for birthday events but also for the holidays. If you don't have any special idea and you prefer to surprise and make laugh your best friend with some funny (and sometimes naughty) phrases, here you are some nice ones.

Makeup: If you best friend is makeup guru and she always wants to try some new products buy her a small eyeshadow palette. The link will guides you into the Kiko webstore, an Italian brand which offers a lot of products for a small price, the quality is not comparable to the highest brands but it is ok.

Lush Bath Bomb: Lush is always the best idea. This christmas they are promoting some new cool products and one of them is this colorful bath bomb. Bath bombs are a saviour during finals time or during work time, especially because the bath turns into an instantaneous, little and cozy spa. 

FOR 15€:

Funny Tee: Asos saves all of us another time, it has a lot of soft t-shirts, like this one with an unicorn, how cute is that?

Phone cases: If your best friend is a techno lover and the phone is her lover buy her something for it.           The website Etsy offers a lot of handmade products and, in my opinion, the phone cases are really beautiful, some of my favourite are:  a cute one with a little owl and a lovely geometrical one.

FOR 30€:


Pochette: Super useful and super glam. My favourites are the classic and "neutral" river island pochette or the colorful and trendy Monki pochette and you can find them always on Asos.

Longuette Skirt: C'mon everybody likes them. They are comfy and they don't show much skin, which is a good thing because it is winter and it is hella cold. This lovely one is from Zara but, if you don't like it, the website offers a lot of other options like warm scarves or wool gloves or cool clothes.

Hope you can find something cute for you best friend and, if you can't afford anything, you don't have time to buy a gift or she/he already owns everything, just remember that sometimes the perfect present is spend an evening together, just laughing and sipping hot cocoa.

Have a nice day!


Two vegetarian variation of our favourites recipes


We used to hate them when we were children and now, as grown-up, sometimes we still hate eating them and we prefer pick a heavy and a not-so-healty meal. Yes, I am talking about them, the veggies.
But what if we try some variation of our loved, fatty recipes?

The first one is the:
Vegetarian Lasagne (for about 5 people)

Of course is not even comparable to the classic, meaty lasagne but its stucture is similiar because aubergines/eggplants are alternated to tomato sauce and mozzarella.

1- The first thing to do is slice 2 big aubergines and sprinkle a pinch of salt over them.

2- It's time to grill them on the griddle! Place some slices on it, press them with a fork in order to pour out   the water and twist them.

3- When you finish to grill all the aubergine it is time to assemble the lasagna.
Make the first layer with some slice of aubergine, pour over them some tomato sauce, and then place over it  some slices of mozzarella (I used the 400gr block). Do the same for the others layers.

4- Place your lasagne in a pre-heated oven at 180 degrees at and leave it there for 20 minutes.
When it comes out it will look like this:
Ok, it might not be really appealing but, belive me, it is really good. The aubergines are sweet and soft and the layers of mozzarella make everything better.
This is also a healtier version of the italian recipe, parmigiana, which is deep-fried and, in my opinion, it is a bit too rich, indeed I can't digest it during summertime, let alone during these cold days.

The second recipe is:
Vegetarian CousCous (for 5-6 people)

This is literally the easier recipe to do in the entire world, it is even easier than pasta.
I bought the pre-cooked couscous, because it is really quick to prepare and it tastes the same as the normal one.  
1- The first thing to do is make some stock:  pour about 500ml of water(450ml for the couscous + about 50ml for the veggies) in a pot, and a piece of stock cube.
2- Put about 50gr of dried couscous for each person in a bowl and pour the stock over it. The couscous doesn't have to be submerged by it, it only has to be humid enough (so it's ok if you don't pour all the 450ml of stock on it).

3- Pour a teaspoon of olive oil over it and stir the couscous with a fork to prevent it from doing lumps.
4- Cover the bowl with a a top and let the couscous there for 5 minutes in order to swell itself.
5- Time to prepare the veggies. Chop in small pieces 1 carrot, 2 courgettes, 1/2 red pepper, 1/2 yellow pepper and about 10 cherry tomatoes.
6- Now you have to cook them separately. For example start with the carrot pieces: put them in a pan with a dram of stock and cook them 'till they are soft. Do the same with all the veggies.
7- Mix all together and enjoy it.
Couscous is a great substitute to pasta and this recipe, as you have seen, is pretty healty because it doesn't have much salt or fat in it.

Both the recipes can be eaten the day after so, if you really enjoyed these ideas, you can bring them even to work as your lunch, for a healthier and a vegetarian choice.

Let me know if you enjoyed this post and these ideas in the comments.

Have a nice day!

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