Hello! My name is Veronica, I'm 18 and I am from Italy, basically near Venice.
I started this blog at the age of 17, during summer holidays, because I was bored and I wanted to keep improving my english writing about what I know better: myself, my adventures and my hobbies.
Now I keep doing this because I like to share my opinion and to be in contact with people with my same tastes and I hope that, in the future, this blog will have a better entourage.

This blog started with the name "Nikami's Blog" but it evolved in "Free Spirit". A free spirit person is a person who makes whatever makes him/her happy, desire to live it as wholly as possible, is willing to go beyond comfort zones and is not afraid about what other people think.
I belive that everybody should embrace the free spirit philosophy and try to be more appasionate to live fully.

In this blog you will find my experiences during travels, my ideas about diy, fashion, food or, simply, a chat.
Where you can find me: 
Instagram: veronicagarofolin
Tumblr: justrelaxingphotos  
Google+: Veronica Garofolin

  Lots of love,

4 Responses to “ABOUT ME ”

  1. Really great blog, definitely loved your curls!
    Keep it up!
    xoxo, Johana

  2. Beautiful blog Veronica, love reading through all your posts :))
    Grace xo


    1. Thank you, you are so sweet! :)

      Have a nice week, xxx.