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#Idea: A letter to the Future Me


"Do you ever think much about the future, Linus?" "Oh yes...all the time"

Basically me. I always find myself thinking about the future, planning my life after the high school, after the holidays, but often I do not do what I was suppose to do. Mostly because I fear something or because I am too lazy or because people around me think that it is not a good idea and so I quit.
This time I want to beat this "problem" sending me a reminder to the future me. You might be thinking "If you want to do that, do it" but sometimes is not that easy and that is why I need an encouragement, by myself.

That is why I decided to write to myself an email which will be delivered next year. Everything thanks to this site.

-What I wrote in the email?
  In substance to be brave enough to do what I want to do because we only live once.

I challenge all of you to write a letter and say to yourselves whatever you want because it is your letter and your future.

Have a nice day!

#OOTD: Fall is in the air


Sweatshirt: Xetra
 Jeans: Zara
Heeled Boots: unknown

Quick post about the outfit that I wore today.
Here, in Italy, weather is not so agradable so why not show off some fall stuff?
Hope you are spending an amazing time, see you soon!

Have a nice day

#Experience: Lived abroad for 3 weeks in Portsmouth


This time I have a good excuse for not having posted anything:

I spent 3 weeks in Portsmouth, living in the loveliest host family ever and working in a charity shop, the British Heart Foundation.
I literally spent the best time of my holiday there and I wish I could be there now. But anyway I am proud of myself because, without my effort at school, I couldn't have did this trip.

Portsmouth museum
Portsmouth museum

Boat ride view
Spinnaker Tower
Chairlift in Needles Park, Isle of Wight
Isle of Wight
London trip with good buddies
Buckingham palace
National Gallery, London
Constable's painting details. National Gallery, London
National Gallery, London
Dinner in a italian restaurant in Leicester Square, London
Camden Town Station, London
Platform 9 3/4 in King's Cross Station, London (strangers in the photo)

As you may say, I spent a lovely time there and I just want encourage you guys to follow your dreams, your wishes, even if they are too hard to achieve them or they are silly. At least, try!

Have a nice day