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Throwback to the past and desires for the future


At the beginning of 2014 I made a bucket list , it was quite tough, especially when I had to read 10 books

I visit lots of beautiful new cities such as Barcelona, La Spezia, Malta and his island, Portsmouth and London, Budapest and Caoria; I met a lot of new people and I tried to get out more ofter of my comfort zone and I overcame a fear; I learned a job, the shop assistant and I truly enjoyed it; and I tried to learn sailing and pro frisbee.

Unfortunately I didn't learn how to drive a car, I didn't fall in love and I still don't have a flat belly, but I focused my free-time on myself and on my old hobbies: photography and cooking.
I am happy about that journey and I hope the best for this new year too.

10 desires for the 2015:

1) Graduate with quite high grades.
2) Find a summer job.
3) Try to understand what I want to do after high school.
4) Do a serious photography and  filming course.
5) Have more fun.
6) Take an english certification (cae or "the impossible cpe").
7) Do more of what makes me happy.
8) Finally start a YT channel.
9) Watch more movies, read more books(not for school),  try to cook more savoury recipes and travel more.
10) Get out of my comfort zone more often.

None of them is impossible, they are all feasible with some effort so I do really hope to accomplish them all.
As last year, you can find any development in the page under the title.

Have you got any desire for this new year?

Have a nice day