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Spring time is finally coming


Spring Time

Spring Time by veronicagaro featuring a a line cocktail dress

This outfit "release" a sensation of good humor, freshness and simplicity and it remember to you that, in a short time, the sun will shine everyday and storms will be just an unpleasant memory's finally spring!!!
Meanwhile outside it is hailing, i'm watching that white lace dress, the pink shoes and the matched bag and i just can't wait for sunny days, ice lollies and nap under trees.

By the way, i'm so sorry that i can't manage my time in order to write in a constant way but, please, keep following my posts and comment on them. I promise that the next month i'll write something more interesting and i'll do some more photographies.  Pinky promise!

Have an amazing week!

Carnival of Venice


If you have never been to Venice during Carnival you missed tons of amazing costumes, a large crowd and traditional food.
Fortunately Monday was a sunny day so i took train and i reached Venice in 30 minutes.

Venice is always a beautiful city with her alley (calle in italian), her countless bridges and the inevitable trip by gondola but you should see her during Carnival time!


galani made by my lovely mother, yummm!

The costume were really well-done and i think that, the most of them, are hand-made so... what a good job!
So, as you can see, not only children dress up as their favourites cartoon characters but also adults.
Unfortunately i didn't prepare any costume so i wear my normal clothes.

Did you dress up for Carnival?


Best things of February


Listening to Let Her Go by Passenger while outside it is pouring down is such a relaxing thing to do.
That song is one of my favourites of February because is sentimental but, at the same time, it is nostalgic. I definitely love listening to it while i travel by bus.

I recently discovered an amazing blog, Free People, which also has a super-cool clothing line. There you can find tons of inspiring things: diy, fashion, beauty, food, etc. and every post is filled with gorgeous photographies. I really recommend it to all of you.

My third favourite of the last month is John Green's book,  Looking for Alaska. I'm still reading it because i bought it in english and i have always to check the unknown words on the dictionary so i spend a lot of time to do it.
I decided to start with this book because of the quotes that i found on Tumblr and because it seemed less tragic than the Fault in Our Star(i'll buy it as soon as i finish the books i'm currently reading). If you are looking for a good buddy during your afternoon, you should give it a try.

Vampire Diaries
On italian television they are broadcasting again the third season of The Vampire Diaries. I'm totally obsessed. So obsessed that last week, while i was doing my abdominal  exercises at the gym, i compared two boy to the protagonist of the tv series(but i'm not lying when i say that they looked like them, in a peasant version). If you like supernatural and passionate love story with some fights you must watch it!

Last month i didn't purchase any clothes or makeup so i just shared with you what i did the most of my free time. Hope you enjoy it the same way!

Let a comment below, it would mean a lot to me!

Have an happy day!