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How was your weekend?


 Hi to everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty normal.

Yesterday i ate at Ikea with my bestfriend and we had salmon. It was soo good, well cooked and also cheap! If you never ate at Ikea you should go as soon as possible, it offers different kind of food and the most of them are all really tasty and cheap.

 During the night i just cooked some vegetables and baked some appetizers and then i surfed on the net till i felt asleep. What a party animal girl!

This morning, after breakfast, i started messing up with my new book Wreck This Journal and i sewed a page (it took 2 hours but it was soo fun). 

If you don't know, this book is written by the lovely Keri Smith but it doesn't have a plot, you just have to follow the indications and do what they say. I think that it helps people to think outside the box and be creative.

During the evening i just went shopping with my mom and i found these boots, pretty similiar to that one on my last wishlist. Just love them so much!

(Here i'm just wearing my normal heels not the new one)

So girls i hope you enjoy this post, although it was just a report of my days and not a review, but i promise to you that i'll write more frequently in the future.

Have a nice week!

January Wishlist


January Wishlist

Hello ladies, finally this term is over so i can chill out a little and dedicate my life to sales.
I wait them all the year long and finally when they start i'm always swamped with homework and exams.
Last week i bought something (i will show my purchases in the next post) and i still need something:

Black Chelsea Ankle Boots: I saw them in Asos's site and i need them, i want them. They seems really comfy even though the heel(8 cm/ 3") and for this reason they are perfect for school or work.

Skater Skirt: They can be used during the winter time or summer time so they are the best investment. The problem is that i want a green one but i can't find it. I'll keep my finger crossed!

White Tank: You can wear that with everything, why i shouldn't buy it?

Concert Ticket: My bestfriend and I want to buy concert tickets and spend two days in Turin this summer, i'm so excited and i can't wait! Hope to buy the tickets next week.

What about you? What do you want to buy this month? Let me know in a comment down below.

December Favorites!


Unfortunately holidays are  over and i went to school on Wednesday... but put aside the sadness and focus on the present moment, the time will fly away, i promise!
December was a great month for favorites because of Christmas so: let's start!

Boots with High Heels:

As i told you on "New Year's Eve Outfit" post, i bought my first pair of high heels shoes!
I'm really proud because finally i decided to try something different and i don't care if i'm too tall.
They are so cute so i couldn't say no to them.
I'm still a little unsure when i walk with them and sometimes happens that my ankle bend spontaneously eheheh *resignation*...

Green Sweater from Pull&Bear

That's the first time that i found something nice in that shop so, i'm happy to show you this sweater!
It is really comfy even if it doesn't keep me so warm and, for this reason, i always wear an undershirt.
I really like the dark green and i think it will be my best buddy during this winter.

"J'adore L'or" Dior

I don't know if it is only me but i get tired really quickly of perfume but this one... this one is perfection!
I found a sample scented-postcard one month ago inside "Elle" magazine and i put it between my sweaters, now, everytime that i open my wardrobe, i can smell the perfume.
The problem is that 40ml costs about 110 euros... too expensive but it's so good!

One Direction

*cough cough* Ladies, i'm sorry, but i'm still obsessed with them (maybe it is because i "discovered" them last month). I don't know what to say... i love every single song of the last album and i love the most of songs of  the "Up All Night" and "Take Me Home " albums.
When i listen to their songs i just wanna dance so i will keep listening to them!

Love Actually and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Love Actually:
When it's Christmas time you must see this movie, it's so sentimental!
I really enjoy it so, if you never see it, watch it as soon as possible.

The Hobbit:

During the movie i was on tenterhooks because i was really involved.
I think it was really well done, i enjoy everything: the plot, the setting, etc. and i can't wait to see "There and Back Again"!

Sorry girl for the late post but school is killing me :c

Bucket List 2014


Oggi era il primo giorno dell'anno, emozionati? Io sono motivata a cambiare la mia vita positivamente quest'anno quindi... cosa c'è di meglio di scrivere una lista?!?

Today is the first day of the year, feel excited? I am motivated to change my life positively this year so... is there anything better that write a bucket list?!?

1- Visit at least one new place.
2- Find a new hobby.
3- Get a flat belly.
4- Attend one concert.
5- Get a summer job.
6- Fall in love.
7- Finish 10 books.
8- Get at least 50 subscribers on my blog.
9- Get at least 800 followers on Tumblr.
10- Meet somebody famous(and maybe have a photo with him/her).
11- Start on January 1st with an empty jar. Throughout the year write the good things that happened to you on little pieces of paper. On December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you that year.
12- Cook something different every month.
13- Try at least 2 new sports.
14- Learn how to drive.
15- Write a letter to me and read it 5 years later.
16- Buy a new phone(an android one).
17- Improve my english.
18- Meet my friends at least once a week (outside of school).
19- Overcome a fear.
20- Love myself every fucking day.

Sarà dura ma farò del mio meglio per completarla! Ho fatto una pagina così potrete controllare i miei progressi durante l'anno.
 E voi? Qual'è il vostro obiettivo per il 2014? Fatemelo sapere in un commento qui sotto.

It will be hard but i will try my best to complete this list! I  made a page so you can check my progresses during the year.
What about you? What is your most important goal for 2014? Let me know in a comment down below.

Wish me luck