December Favorites!

Unfortunately holidays are  over and i went to school on Wednesday... but put aside the sadness and focus on the present moment, the time will fly away, i promise!
December was a great month for favorites because of Christmas so: let's start!

Boots with High Heels:

As i told you on "New Year's Eve Outfit" post, i bought my first pair of high heels shoes!
I'm really proud because finally i decided to try something different and i don't care if i'm too tall.
They are so cute so i couldn't say no to them.
I'm still a little unsure when i walk with them and sometimes happens that my ankle bend spontaneously eheheh *resignation*...

Green Sweater from Pull&Bear

That's the first time that i found something nice in that shop so, i'm happy to show you this sweater!
It is really comfy even if it doesn't keep me so warm and, for this reason, i always wear an undershirt.
I really like the dark green and i think it will be my best buddy during this winter.

"J'adore L'or" Dior

I don't know if it is only me but i get tired really quickly of perfume but this one... this one is perfection!
I found a sample scented-postcard one month ago inside "Elle" magazine and i put it between my sweaters, now, everytime that i open my wardrobe, i can smell the perfume.
The problem is that 40ml costs about 110 euros... too expensive but it's so good!

One Direction

*cough cough* Ladies, i'm sorry, but i'm still obsessed with them (maybe it is because i "discovered" them last month). I don't know what to say... i love every single song of the last album and i love the most of songs of  the "Up All Night" and "Take Me Home " albums.
When i listen to their songs i just wanna dance so i will keep listening to them!

Love Actually and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Love Actually:
When it's Christmas time you must see this movie, it's so sentimental!
I really enjoy it so, if you never see it, watch it as soon as possible.

The Hobbit:

During the movie i was on tenterhooks because i was really involved.
I think it was really well done, i enjoy everything: the plot, the setting, etc. and i can't wait to see "There and Back Again"!

Sorry girl for the late post but school is killing me :c

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    1. Thank you darling!

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  2. I really love comfy sweaters as well! That's the only thing I go shopping for on winter time LOL :)
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