October Favourites: Makeup

Foundation: L'Oreal "Nude Magique- Eau de Tinte"
If you are looking for a natural, silk-touch coverage this is perfect for you. And, if you have an oily/shiny skin in the T-zone like me, this will prevent your face from shining for a bit.

Concealer: Be Yu "Hydro Miracle"
The perfect fellow who will help you to cover all your imperfections, whether pimples or not dark circles.

Mascara: L' Oreal "Volume Million de Cils- Noir Excess"
Natural look, you can easily make your lashes thicker and a bit longer.

Eyebrow Kit: Barry M. "Brow Kit: Shape and Define"
This is literally the best product I ever tried for my eyebrows. You can make them how you want, natural or drawn. The mini tweezers and the double ended applicator make this product perfect for travel, you just have to throw the kit in your bag.

Have a nice day!

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2 Responses to “October Favourites: Makeup”

  1. I just did a favorites post and also mentioned the l'oreal foundation. It's so nice on my skin! I'll be looking out for that eyebrow palette :)


    1. I totally agree with you: the foundation is really good, it is a shame that it ends so quickly!
      About the palette, I can easily say that it is awesome. :)

      Have a nice day. xx