Fall Essential

Cold weather is arrived and I get caught unprepared.
I am craving for some warm sweater and the aw '14/'15 trends suggest me to pick a turtle-neck sweater. Honestly high-neck gives me a sense of suffocation and I am allergic to wool (it itches) so I am gonna go for a cotton or a mohair sweater with a wide high-neck. Now I just need to find it (any suggestion is welcome).
Then I met these beautiful boots online and I am looking for a cheaper version. I find them a perfect choice when I want to stay comfy and leave my chelsea low-heels boots at home.
If you don't live under a rock, you will probably have seen or heard about Daniel Wellington's watches: they are really simple and classy so I can say that they have an eternal look (Oh the straps are interchangeable so you can always match your outfit or your mood).
A new bag is always welcome and I need a big one to carry all my book to school but none seem to be huge enough for this task, any idea?
So next month I will be wandering for shops and online in order to find my fall must-have but:

What are your essential during fall time?

Have a nice day!

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