Home-made pumpkin spice latte (even better than the Starbucks one!)

 For the home-made syrup:
- About 80 gr of steamed pumpkin 
- 100 ml of water (half glass=100ml)
- 2 big-spoon of normal sugar (50gr)
- 2 big-spoon of powdered sugar (50gr)
- 1 clove of carnation
- 1 tea spoon of powdered ginger
- 2 small pieces of cinnamon
- 1 tea spoon of powdered cinnamon
- 1/4 from the vanilla bean (I used a pinch of powdered vanilla)

For the latte(2 people):
- a bit less of 200 ml of milk (a bit less of a cup of milk)
- a dash of espresso coffee (but if you like coffee you can put more)
- whipped cream
- powdered cinnamon 

Pour in a small pot water, sugar and the vanilla and stir everything until (low-medium fire) the sugar is dissolved.
Then add all the spices, stir for a minute and then add also the pumpkin.
Keep stiring until the mixture is thick as a jam/as a syrup (it will take about 15-20 minutes).
When it is done just blend it in order to make it pieceless and smooth.
Now let the syrup cool down and then you can put it in a jar or in a glass and it will last in the fridge at least for 1 month.

Let's boil the milk with a dash of coffee and, when it is done, put it in the cups, add a small spoon of syrup in each cup, stir, add the whipped cream and sprikle some cinnamon powder on the top.

It is useless to say that the pumpkin spice latte is one of the the most popular hot-drink in the fall time but, if you don't have time/money/desire to go out, you can do it by yourself at your house and sip it while reading a book under a blanket laying on the couch. You can't resist it, can you? 

Home-made PSL with cinnamon pumpkin cupcake with italian cheese frosting

Have a nice day!

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4 Responses to “Home-made pumpkin spice latte (even better than the Starbucks one!)”

  1. Looks so professional and yummy!

    1. Thank you dear! You should absolutely try it. :)

      Have a nice day. x

  2. Looks amazing and delicious! Going to try this tonight!

    xx Emma, www.ouvrirlabouche.com

    1. Thank you! Then tell me how it turned out. :)

      Have a nice day. xx