Summer sales

Summer sales

Summer sales by veronicagaro

I am the only one who has been waiting summer sales for a lot of months?
Well finally they are started so let the hunt begins(not literally please)!
I have found a lot of cute summer stuff but, for some reason, I prefer spend the most of my money on autumn clothes so I won't need to buy anything for school.

Crop tops: How cute are them?!? They can be effortlessly paired with skirt or high-waisted trousers. We can find them in many shops/online shop for a little price so... ;)

Blouse: I need, need, need a cute blouse for school and work days and I found this lovely one at Miss Guided's online shop for only 20 euros. If you never heard this site, please give a look at it 'cause it sell a lot of trendy and cheap tops, skirts, dresses,etc.

Skirt: Every woman needs a skirt. Just try to find a shape that suits your body and I promise you that you will love it. Go out and look for a cutie one.

Bethany Mota's perfume: It is not on sale but it will be out soon. If you don't know who Bethany is, well she is one of the sweetest youtuber you will ever meet and you should absolutely watch her videos. Btw, I can't wait to smell her perfume(this sounds weird).

Calvin Klein Wedges: I found them in a shop and, let me tell you, they are super comfy and I think they are perfect for walk around the city or for work days. They were obviously on sale and they cost 65 euros. I may bought them, if I don't find anything else. :)

Pull&Bear Platform Sneakers: I saw them in black and they look flawless(and cheap, only 25 euros) but I don't know if they are comfy. Somebody bought them? Let me know your feelings about them in the comments down below!

Blue Loafers: Recently I've bought some blue stuff but I don't have blue shoes so... Hope to find them somewhere.

Hats: This summer they must be a trend because I have seen a lot of girls wearing them. When the sun comes out in the morning we all need to save our heads from the heat and luckily they are fashionable.

White Purse: A white clutch matches everything in our wardrobe so why do not put money on something that you will use a lot? You will find some luxury clutch cheaper thanks to sales.

Did you buy anything on sale recently? Write about it in the comments down below.

Have a nice day

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