Summer injection

Summer injection

Summer injection by veronicagaro featuring a black eyeliner

Have you realised that next month school will be almost over?!? But i can't wait, i can't wait for summer outfits, the light suntan, the warmer days! I need them now and that's why i thought about the perfect summer outfit, but the photo represents also a sort of wishlist.

 Zara Guipure Lace T-Shirt: It will be my strong suit, matched with the suntan! It is the loveliest t-shirt i have ever seen.

Blue Sandals:  A navy look never hurts, so why i shouldn't match the t-shirt with that gorgeous sandals?!?

Blue Satchel: Every sailor needs a purse. Especially a Marc Jacobs' one.

'Steve Madden' Sandals: Kendall and Kylie' s new collection is fabulous. They both are fabulous. When i will wear Steve Madden shoes, i will be fabulous. Mathematical logic.
Eyeshadow Palette and a Eye pencil: During autumn, winter and spring, i normally wear a brown smokey eyes but, during this summer, i want to put some colors on my face. 

What do you think about this products? 

Hope you will enjoy the same the quick post.

Have a nice day



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    1. Yeah, i absolutely adore them :)

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