Road trip near home

Yesterday i went on a road trip with my dad and my best friend through the mountains.
During the morning we saw a hunting exhibition where were shown: fishing tackle, weapons, bird calls, etc., we tried archery, we had a huge lunch and we finally saw a taxidermy race (yep, it is quite strange).

The biggest pile of unhealthy food i've ever seen!

They seemed so real that they gave me the creeps.

After the exhibition we reached Vajont dam and we just took some photos because, if you want to walk on the dam, you have to pay.

Later, in the afternoon, we reached another cool place: Barcis lake. Usually there is nothing extraordinary about lakes but, this one, has an unnatural blue water and it so peaceful walk beside it.

In the end, we went to Conegliano, in order to see his castle but, unfortunately, you have book a guided tour if you want to admire it, so we just walked a little and we found this cool spot through the trees, where you can see vineyards and a rustic farmhouse.

How did you spend your holidays? Did you see any cool places?

Have a nice day

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2 Responses to “Road trip near home”

  1. the food look delicious! I like the pictures so much :)

    1. Oh, thank you dear!

      Have a nice day. :)