Sunny days

If you zoom 100000000000x you can see mountains covered with snow.
 After 7 kilometres, 650 calories burned and a terrible starvation, i decided to sit on my couch and write a post here.
This winter is a really dumb one, today fortunately is a warm and a sunny day and this makes me so happy and i can't wait for summer, walks on the seaside and sea breeze!

Talking about sunny days i "have to" post my latest (awful) photos 'cause i want to show you my outfit:

Sorry for the blurry photo.

Last month i bought these lovely pair of black chelsea ankle boots from H&M and now, that i get use to them, they are quite comfy so i can withstand all day while i wear them at school.
Thanks to them, i found a way to use my not-so-skinny jeans so they won't stay anymore on the bottom of my wardrobe, yay!!!

What do you like to do when its a sunny day and you are home from school/work? 

Have a nice week!

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